Welcome to South Side Farm Miniature Jersey. We've been providing some of the best quality miniature Jersey cattle in the nation with a focus in the Northeast including CT, VT, PA, MA, NJ and ME. Featured in a national magazine, South Side Farm is miniature Jersey breeder dedicated to producing the best of the best in miniature Jersey cattle. We urge you to take a ride and witness our operation first hand; we know the proof is in the pudding!


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Traveling nationwide, South Side Farm searched tirelessly for the ultimate bloodlines, focusing on traits that make our stock unique and highly sought after. We have the original miniature Jersey bloodline, highly regarded as the best in the nation, right here at South Side Farm. If you're looking for preeminent miniature Jersey cattle, visit us, and when you do, you'll know, like many have expressed, South Side Farm is in a class all by itself.

Spring has sprung as it has for so many years at this miniature jersey haven, also known as South Side Farm Miniature Jersey Cattle. These beautiful babies are new for 2015; their dad is Jasper who stands all of 37.5 inches tall. Be sure to check out our "for sale" page for the latest and greatest Miniature Jersey cattle ever.

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