We're some of the best Miniature Jersey in the country....

In our pursuit to be one of the top breeders of miniature Jersey cattle, South Side Farm traveled state to state, farm to farm, to personally assure he acquired nothing but the highest quality in American Jersey. After painstaking attention to every detail, he acquired what is the foundation of his preeminent miniature Jersey stock. South Side Farm, to this day, maintains with diligence the same exacting mission to produce superlative miniature Jersey cattle. South Side Farm highly recommends interested parties to personally visit South Side Farm to witness and inspect for themselves the best miniature Jersey cattle the breed has to offer.



Packages are also an option.


This is Charlie, an obviously beautiful breeding bull that is 8 months old and expected to be around 38 inches in height. His dad is Jaspare and mom's name Evelyn. He's available at $1900.00. Please call 518-280-9993 for more details.

Mikey the bull; he's 8 months old and will be a small frame polled bull.  He's for sale at $2000.00. Please call 518-280-9993 for more details.

GOOD NEWS! We have  miniature Jersey bulls, very small, and very beautiful, for sale.  It's VIP stock with the best traits that make miniature Jerseys so great! If interested, give us a call at 518-280-9993, we would be happy to hear from you.



For Sale

This little guy is Sonny and he is a beautiful  week old bull who is for sale.  His Dad is our outstanding 37.5 inch tall Jasper.  Sonny's mom is 40 inches tall and a great girl with a sweet disposition. We expect Sonny to be a chip off the old blocks. $2000.00

For Sale

Johnny Boy is a real nice little bull calf. We anticipate his full grown size to be that of his dad, Jasper, who is 37.5 inches tall. His mom is the absolute stunner, Sure Shot May ET. $2500.00

Please contact South Side Farm at 518-280-9993, we will be happy to discuss details and specs on the bloodline for sale, and will answer any other questions you may have. In an effort to best accommodate all of our customers, we will apply any deposits/credit toward future miniature Jersey cattle, if you are unable to make an acquisition when you are at the top of the waiting list. 

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