I grew up on a dairy farm in Rhode Island on which we had over 100 milking Jerseys. We had Holsteins as well, but I would never let my father sell off the Jerseys when they were too old to effectively produce and turned them into pets. Now in California , where land is very costly, I didn't think I would ever be able to have my childhood pet until a real estate agent told me about mini cows, particularly about mini-Jerseys. So I went on-line and found many sites with black cows that were being sold at very high prices as Jerseys.

Well, I'm no longer a dairy farmer and have been away from cows for a few years, but I couldn't be convinced that these advertised cows were Jerseys. Additionally, I wanted my children to experience what I had and all but two sites had waiting lists of 5 years down the road. The children would be off to college and who wants to wait 5 years for one's perfect dream pet?

South Side Farm's farm had cows that actually looked like Jerseys, not black Angus.
He was very business like and straightforward. He lined up excellent, affordable shipping options. I'm a veterinarian and have learned not to buy sight unseen, so it was a big leap of faith to send a check and converse only by email months before our little cow was to be delivered. The calf was a birthday present to me and was a bit of an impulsive, but researched purchase. Despite multiple potential buyers, South Side Farm gave me some breathing room in terms of time as I live in the Bay Area and I'm taking on a dairy cow?

In summary, she arrived a healthy ( remember she traveled across the entire country during winter), and happy. The entire family adores her , she gives kisses on the chin, plays ball with me , moos when she has tipped her water, plays with our dog and pony. South Side Farm's mini Jerseys are superior to pet dogs . Everyone with over an acre should have one.

Many Thanks,

Dr. Deborah Knibb

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