Directions from New York City


Take Interstate 87 North to exit 21, take route 23 heading Northwest, past Grand Gorge and Stamford, to Butts Corners where there is a South Side Stables sign on the left indicating to turn right on Route 9 (the turn is approximately 100 yards after the sign). Stay on Route 9 which will turn into Route 40. Continue until you see the next South Side Stables sign, indicating a left onto South America road. Proceed on South America road and at the fork, stay to the right (Hall Road) which will be pointed out by yet another South Side Stables sign. South Side Stables is located at 153 Hall Road on the right.

The above directions are provided because services such as Mapquest will take you out of the way by as much as 1.5 hours. Please contact us, if you have any questions.



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