South Side Farm Miniature Jersey  feels the quality of our stock and our service is best expressed by our clients. Here is a little of what they have to say about their experience with South Side Farm Miniature Jersey.

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  Hello South Side Farm,

Here are pictures of Beatrice and David at Hazel Lake Farm in Paoli, Indiana. She is the most beautiful and sweet natured cow more and see larger image



Hi South Side Farm,

How are things in your neck of the woods?  I wanted to let you know how great things are going with my cow Betty.  I didnít think I would ever say this-but she is part of the family.  She has such a personality!  She is the baby sitter for our sheep and everyone loves more and see larger image



South Side Farm,

We are absolutely, completely in love with our little heifer.  She is so sweet that we had to name her "Honey"!  Our family has owned many animals - horses, cats, dogs, fish, chickens, guineas, goats, turkeys...of all of these, never has everyone been so enchanted as we are with our more and see larger image



  Hi South Side Farm,

....I have 2 friends that have already committed to buying babies from your cows as they are amazed at the beauty and temperament of South Side Sugar Pop and South Side Sweet more and see larger image



  Dear South Side Farm,

....She has outstanding confirmation and she follows my son around like a puppy. She produces enough milk for everyone in my family! more and see photo


  Hi South Side Farm,

I wanted to drop you a note to say hello. I canít believe it has been almost a year since we picked up our 2 little heifers and the bull. You were right about the colors. One of the heifers and the bull are reddish fawn and the other heifer is light tan. We love them all. They are perfect for our place. We have a couple of chickens and goats and we didnít want anything big. They all get along great! We want to milk them to make cheese-we do love cheese. We are trying to do everything in the backyard naturally. We will be breeding them in another year or so. You are not real close to us and it was worth the trip. I appreciate that you took us under your wing and gave us good advice. You also always take the time if we have a question-you never acted like we were bothering you. Tom has also gotten close to the cows and he said we may be getting another one from you in the spring! Once again, from the bottom of our hearts-we are happy we met you and everyone at South Side. Tom and Eileen (San Antonio, TX)

  Hi South Side Farm,

Itís Kathy from Ashton, Virginia. We have 6 miniature Jersey cows and a bull that we bought from some different breeders through the past couple of years. When I was looking for another Miniature Jersey we called a few different breeders, including you. We had never done any business with you before but we like what we saw on your website. We called you and spoke to you and we were impressed. I sent you a deposit on Princess 3 years ago and waited until more and see larger image


Dear South Side Farm,

In 2000 I bought a 2 week old full sized Jersey.  She grew up and we got 4 beautiful calves before she died of milk fever in 2005.  It hurt so bad I never wanted to look at another cow again.  A year later I was on the internet looking and I found these beautiful miniature jerseys.  I knew this was the cow for me.  I called several farms only to find long waiting lists and prices that were way beyond what I could afford.  Almost everyone that I spoke with referred me to you, but you were sold out.  I kept calling people and farms and doing research on the internet, but everything kept coming back to you.

So I called more and see larger image

I am attaching a picture of my son with South Side Penny who is now 15 months old.  You can see who her best friend is!  Jimmy helps us with chores and he loves Penny as you can see.  She is amazing-I didnít realize how intelligent a mini Jersey was.  read more and see photo

Dear South Side Farm,


My wife and I wanted to take the time to thank you and your assistant.  We think your farm is something you would see in the movies.  It is spotless and everything is in order-it almost doesnít look like a farm.  Most of all, we would like to thank you for the 2 Mini Jersey heifer and the Mini Jersey bull we bought from you.  They are almost 3 years old now and they are the best I have!  The bull is a great bull with a tremendous disposition and he is the perfect more

We are very happy....he (miniature Jersey) is very friendly, thanks South Side Farm.

(Picture below - almost one year later)

South Side Farm one more time, Thank you....Val B. (Lunenburg, MA)


South Side Farm, my life change after I met you, Thank you very much for that....Val B. (Lunenburg, MA)

Dear South Side Farm,

I just wanted to drop a note to you thanking you for spending time with my husband and I. We have been looking all over for miniature Jerseys. We spoke to 10-12 places and when we were referred to you, I couldn't be happier knowing we finally found someone who would spend time with us and help educate us on the miniature Jerseys. We were looking for the past few months for miniature Jerseys and Lowlines out of a good more and see larger image

Dear South Side Farm and everyone at South Side,

Jenny and I are the couple who came from Illinois with the big trailer. We have 4 mini jerseys and we are very happy with them. We have some chickens, goats, and a donkey. This keeps my wife very busy while I am at work (if you remember I have a small construction company). The kids are asking when we are getting another one-so I will contact you in a few months. We agreed that your mini Jerseys are some of the best we have seen and we want to get another heifer from more and see larger image

Dear South Side Farm,

Just a note to let you know that we are enjoying our wonderful bull. He is really great & just a little feisty.  We had a nice ride up & enjoyed the scenery from Cheriton, Virginia to your place in New York. You have a lovely farm & some great looking cattle.  Thanks for your great hospitality & your help with our cows.  We really enjoyed the cookies. Your staff were very helpful in loading the bull.  Thanks again for everything....Sincerely, Sandra T. & family

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