....Although I couldn't purchase a jersey calf that year, you put my name on the list for the following spring.  I was very nervous.  I'm the type of person that knows what I want.  I wanted a 2 week old miniature jersey heifer and I wanted it around May.  You assured me you would work with me and told me not to worry, you would get me a beautiful little calf.  I was so excited.
Well, I got my little jersey and she is everything you promised and more!  She is so strong and healthy.  She is cute and playful.  She follows me everywhere.  I love her and I wanted to thank you for everything.  Everyone tells me how beautiful she is.  My miniature horses like her a lot.

I just wanted to thank you agian.  You were very easy to work with.  It was a long wait to get my little jersey, but she was worth waiting for!! Here are some pictures of us.  I will keep in touch and send you more pictures as she gets older....Cheri



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