Hi South Side Farm,

I havenít talked to you in a while. We are the people from Canada that bought 2 heifers and a bull from you. We contacted several breeders for about 6 months and we heard many different stories. A few of the breeders were cheaper than your prices, some were higher. What the deciding factor in going with you was your references from previous customers. They were very happy with their Miniature Jerseys they had gotten from South Side Farm. We realize you and your staff went out of their way to comply with the import laws Canada has and this was appreciated. We are ready to start breeding them now that they are 2 years old. I have 2 friends that have already committed to buying babies from your cows as they are amazed at the beauty and temperament of South Side Sugar Pop and South Side Sweet Sally. We were nervous dealing with someone out of the country, and we are glad we felt comfortable going with you. All 3 of them are small and everything you promised! I am attaching a picture of my herd of standard Jerseys and the 2 South Side Mini Jerseys. Can you spot them? Thank you again....Amanda & Chester (Canada)



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