Dear South Side Farm,

Itís Henry from Minnesota-long time no see.  I picked up a total of 7 heifers a few years ago.  One was from you, 3 from a farm in PA, and 3 from OK.  I have to say of all of them, I have 2 favorites.  One is the little heifer that came from you 3 years ago.  She has had 1 heifer that I am going to keep for my future breeding.  You werenít kidding about having something different-from your Martin stock.  She has outstanding confirmation and she follows my son around like a puppy.  She produces enough milk for everyone in my family!  Give my regards to Lisa and everyone at your farm, most of all to that little Corgi girl my wife fell in love with-she still wants to buy her if youíll part with her. This is the best I can do with my new camera, it doesnít do her justice....Henry C. (Minnesota)



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