....We have spent much time with him, handling him, getting him used to his feet being handled, teaching him to tie, lead, load into a trailer, socializing him at every opportunity (he has done a couple of church functions for little kids to pet, and what a thrill that has been both for us and for them! There are very few cattle in our area and no pet cattle that I know of much less a miniature bull). He just loves being brushed.

His testosterone is starting to kick in and he is becoming more attached to being in a herd (vs human attention) so we will keep our fingers crossed that his disposition will stay as tractable as it has been to this point. But he is first and foremost a bull so will deal with whatever comes.

We cannot thank you enough for letting us have him. We can hardly wait to see what he produces though that is still a couple of years away. Virgil and I would be very interested in a heifer calf whenever you have one available (preferably not of the same breeding as Juli for the obvious reasons).

I will also try to get some pics of him out to you. He is really nice. In the meantime, we remain

Sincerely yours,

Virgil & Paula B.

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