....My Grandfather got a kick out of her when we showed him that night and loves to see Krystle take her out and lead her all around. We are planning to teach her how to do tricks like laying down, shaking, and bowing, but she is still young so we don't want to push her and spoil her attitude, so we're going to wait a little while. I've been teaching Krystle how do basic ground work with her, this way the two of them can learn together. I can't thank you enough and will always make sure she has a great home because she isn't going any where and will always be with us. We had agreat time at your farm and we tell everybody about it. They don't believe us about how small the animals unti we show them the pictures. We loved the place and hopefully we can make it back again. One of these days I told Krystle I'm going to have to get a miniature Jersey to go with her miniature pony.

Thanks again,

Corey and Krystle

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