Updated 09/09/2013

It's unlikely you will ever encounter miniature Texas Longhorn cattle, but at South Side Miniatures you will see the best of the breed. There is only a few in the nation raising miniature Texas Longhorn and South Side is even part of a smaller circle that raises the bar in all aspects of producing some of the finest Texas Longhorn Miniatures available. Please feel free to contact Frank to discuss beginning your own herd of miniature Texas Longhorn. We look forward to hearing from you!



Show Quality
Heifers and Bulls

$1500 - $2500.00

CALL 518-588-0188

Frank would love to hear from you, but plan on an invitation to one of the best, cleanest, most beautifully maintained facilities in the United States with stock that is unrivaled.


This is Alvin, an outstanding miniature Texas Longhorn bull. At 13 months old we expect he will turn out to be about 35 inches tall and a great addition to any herd. $1800.00 Click here to see his mom.

This is Alfie, 10 months old and an awesome miniature Texas Longhorn bull. His mom, by his side, at 34" certainly contributed to his good looks. $2000.00

Lena, a gorgeous dark brown miniature Texas Longhorn heifer. She's impressive at 6.5 months old, and surely will be a prized possession for the lucky buyer. $2400.00

Fabian, an 8 month old bull. We anticipate a great future for this handsome miniature Texas Longhorn. $1200.00

This is Tina, a beautiful 6 month old miniature Texas Longhorn heifer. Her mom is only 34" in height with exceptional characteristics including her horns. Click here to see Tina with her mother.

This little red and white miniature Texas Long Horn bull is 4 months old and he is going to be an excellent bull for a breeding herd. $1500.00.

A gorgeous 3 month old, all liver, miniature Texas Longhorn heifer.  Her Mom is 35" in height, red with beautiful horns and an exceptional physique. $1800.00 

A great looking miniature Texas Longhorn heifer who is all white.  She is 2 1/2 months old and her mom is white with big horns....Show quality.  We expect this one to be about 35-36 inches in height at maturity. $1800.00.

This is a red and white miniature Texas Longhorn bull that is about 38 inches tall and his name is Cheecho.  He is 2 1/2 years old.  He has great markings, beautiful horns. $2500.00.

Miss Lynnie is a red & white miniature Texas Longhorn heifer and her father is the above bull Cheecho and her Mom is the white one behind her.  She is 2 months old and her name is Miss Lynnie.  We anticipate her height to be about 37 inches tall at maturity. $1500.00

This is Little Ben, a miniature Texas longhorn bull that is 4 months old.  His Mom is about 34 inches and his Dad is Cheecho. He is going to be a great little bull for a breeding herd. $2000.00.


If you want to start your miniature Texas Longhorn herd or enhance an existing one, now is the time. Please contact Frank at the number above, he will be happy to discuss details and specs on our miniature Texas Longhorn cattle, and will answer any other questions you may have.


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