Puppy Care

The Farm provides it’s dogs with the very best and we expect new owners to maintain our high standards when caring for their new puppies. We encourage and recommend continuing our program of high quality natural food, socialization, exercise, training and health maintenance to insure their new family members a safe, comfortable, stress free transition.

Life's AbundanceThe Farm strongly encourages all new puppy owners to consider Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food for their new family member. Veterinarian formulated using nothing but the finest all natural, human grade ingredients, Life’s Abundance will provide what we consider one of the best products available for your pet’s nutritional requirements. Delivered to your home within 4 to 6 weeks of production, Life’s Abundance has never been recalled in it’s entire history. Be prepared with the very best for your new puppy.
click here for more details and purchasing info.

K-9 kondoFor your dog’s well-being and comfort, we recommend visiting
www.k-9kondo.com for what we consider some of the best, most indestructible, chew-proof dog shelters on the market. You’ll rest comfortably knowing your dog has his or her own Kondo….K-9 Kondo!

When it comes to training and safety, The Farm highly recommends and encourages the use of an Invisible Fence system. Prices will vary depending on the area of coverage necessary, but the well-being of your pet?….PRICELESS!

Gun DogYour pet will jump for joy with a Gun Dog House Door. The Farm is confident you will be more than pleased with this high quality product….and that goes double for your best friend! Click on the logo for more information.

If you and your pet demand the very best, then treat them to a life of quality, comfort and durability with an insulated cedar wood doghouse from a place we highly recommend, Adams Cedar Furniture. Click on the logo for more information.

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