The Farm Miniature Jersey  feels the quality of our stock and our service is best expressed by our clients. Here is a little of what they have to say about their experience with The Farm Miniature Jersey.

Dear The FarmAfter many months of planning and several visits to The Farm as well as figuring out the travel logistics, the girls finally arrived.
It was quite a long journey for them from your stable to their new home here on Kauai, but happily they arrived safe and sound.
Ginger and Lilikoi are enjoying island life, the lush green grass and warm gentle winds as well as the apple bananas that grow here in abundance…Thank you The Farm for all your help. We are so happy to have them be part of our family farm. We will keep you updated. We look forward to our future milking.Mahalo Nui Loa. Cyndee (Kilauea, HI)


Dear The Farm

We hope everything is going well for you and your staff at The Farm….Amber Rose is doing very well….She is a delight and we are quite pleased with her….Alice and Al (King Ferry, NY)

Dear The Farm,Congratulations on your website. We really enjoyed you, your incredible staff, and your ranch is fantastic. I have been around cattle for many years and did a lot of research before we chose to make the trip all the way from Arizona to New York. Well worth it! Kelly, our Jersey Heifer we brought home from your place is awesome! She is the quality of miniature Jersey that I have been looking for to start our herd. Must have quality to give quality. I’ve had many people tell me they can’t believe that we went that far to pick up a cow, well when you want the best you do what you have to do to obtain the best….Hollzy and Kate M.
Hey The Farm,

It was nice to hear from you, I appreciate you staying in touch to keep up with the progress of our miniature jersey cow we bought from you.  We named her Alma after a good friend of ours who convinced us that Mini Jerseys were the way to go.  She has turned out to be a lovely cow and we are very happy with her.  She is almost 3 years old and she is going to be a Mom!..

We are happy that she isn’t real big; we are guessing she is 38 inches tall, we haven’t actually measured her. I love her color and hope her baby has the same coloring and disposition. We will stay in touch more often and hope all is well at the farm.

Joyce from Ohio



Hi The Farm,Enjoyed chatting with you the other evening. I am enclosing another copy of the letter that I sent you last June for your review and use if you like. Fortunately it was still on the computer, after I spoke to you I had that sinking feeling that I had deleted it, but wha-la!

Juli (short for Julio as in Inglesias!) continues to be wonderful. He is still tiny – will try to get a measurement on him before this goes out today but can’t tell you what it is right now. He is very small – for which I am thrilled

We have spent much time with him, handling him, getting him used to his feet being handled, teaching him to tie, lead, load into a trailer, socializing him at every opportunity (he has done a couple of church functions for little kids to pet, and what a thrill that has been both for us and for them! There are very few cattle in our area and no pet cattle that I know of much less a miniature bull). He just loves being brushed.

His testosterone is starting to kick in and he is becoming more attached to being in a herd (vs human attention) so we will keep our fingers crossed that his disposition will stay as tractable as it has been to this point. But he is first and foremost a bull so will deal with whatever comes.

We cannot thank you enough for letting us have him. We can hardly wait to see what he produces though that is still a couple of years away. Virgil and I would be very interested in a heifer calf whenever you have one available (preferably not of the same breeding as Juli for the obvious reasons).

I will also try to get some pics of him out to you. He is really nice. In the meantime, we remain

Sincerely yours,

Virgil & Paula B.

Dear The Farm,

I haven’t had a chance to send you a letter to tell you how Babe has been. Babe is part of the family-we love her! When she sees the kids she comes up for treats-they spoil her. They take her for a walk a few times a week. She loves to walk in the pond-maybe she wants to cool off. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to own such a nice cow, she has changed our lives!….Cynthia, Ray, Dennis, Patty, and Babe.

Dear The Farm,

My wife and I can’t thank you enough for being so generous with your time. I am sorry we showed up on the spur of the moment, but being  in the area we could not resist stopping to see your farm and the beautiful animals you have raised. I hope we can
return when the weather is warmer.

We were both very impressed with your operation. I have often said you can tell a lot about a man by the way he takes care of his property and equipment. Though we only met briefly I believe you
are someone I would like to do business with….Thank you,

Greg and Vickie


The Farm,

Thanks for the little bull.  He is doing great and the kids love him.  I think he will be a pretty small bull when matured. I looked through my pictures and I couldn’t find one with him next to the kids.  So I am going to take a good picture in the daylight when I get a chance.  (You can see better how small he is when compared to others.) For now I am sending a picture of him by himself.  He’s great. Our family really enjoys our little Jersey. Thanks for everything.

Dear The Farm,I live near Syracuse, NY and spoke to you a couple of times on the phone. I appreciate the calm and “unrushed” manner of our conversations. I’m just starting with the miniature cattle and I needed some help. We have Black Angus cattle and we are starting to purchase miniatures. I was looking for a calf and you recommended we take a Saturday trip to your farm, which we did. The place was easy to get to and your signs were great!

Your place is beautiful and we could have stayed there for a week to enjoy it. We appreciate your lunch and your hospitality. We are thrilled with the calf, and our trip home went well. I will continue to do business with you and want to thank you for everything.


Lori S

Dear The Farm,

Just a note to let you know that we are enjoying our wonderful bull. He is really great & just a little feisty.  We had a nice ride up & enjoyed the scenery from Cheriton, Virginia to your place in New York. You have a lovely farm & some great looking cattle.  Thanks for your great hospitality & your help with our cows.  We really enjoyed the cookies. Your staff were very helpful in loading the bull.  Thanks again for everything….Sincerely, Sandra T. & family